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Sacred Heart High School fields teams in golf, cross country running, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, indoor track & field, curling, badminton, and outdoor track and field.


Intramurals at Sacred Heart High School play an important part in the lives of students.  Intramurals provide students with friendly competition, an opportunity to meet new friends, and a cheerful environment to have fun and keep fit.  Sacred Heart High School intramurals are organized by students and teachers who choose activities that encourage fun and participation.

Upon entering Sacred Heart High School, students are placed on one of four intramural houses.  A wide range of intramural activities are offered daily at noon hour in the gymnasium, with houses competing for the much coveted Athletic Shield and Aggregate Shield.

Cheer / Stunt Team

The Cheer / Stunt team provides students an opportunity to learn individual and team skills to be performed at school events and in competition.