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School Newspaper

‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ student newspaper provides a forum for students with an interest in journalism, as well as an exchange of ideas and a creative outlet for literary and artistic students. Students gain experience in the practical application of computers and photography. All students are encouraged to join the newspaper staff.

‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ is published several times during the school year. Every student is given a complementary photocopied version of each issue of the paper. A digital coloured version is available for public viewing on the school website.

For eight consecutive years from 1998/1999 through 2005/2006 inclusively, and for three more consecutive years from 2010/2011 to 2012/13, ‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ was selected as the Best Overall High School Newspaper in Saskatchewan in the High School Newspaper Competition co-sponsored by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, the Regina Leader Post, and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. The ‘Sacred Heart Beat’ was named Best Newspaper in Schools with Enrolment Between 150 and 450 for fifteen consecutive years from 1998/99 to 2012/13. ‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ was not entered in the competition in 2013/14.